AI Electronic Enterprise is a 'Small [to] Medium Enterprise (SME)' that retails devices and accessories as a physical entity in Kwame Danso, Sene West, but is able to deliver nationwide. Our model typically includes;
  1. A physical shop where you can walk in and make purchases.
  1. An online shop operating via a mobile app called AI Mobile Pro currently available on Google Play Store where;
  1. You can make direct purchases and pickup in-store or get your product delivered.
  1. Purchase on installment bases.
  1. Become an agent (an affiliate) where we split our profit from customers you have referred with you.
These features basically form our three account access levels.
Let's explain further...


Shopping Account

Just like any other online shops you've visited, we offer you a platform to buy devices and accessories at the best rates and you get to choose between delivery and pick-up.

On the product page, you select 'Add to Cart'.


Installment Account

On this account type, you basically select a product, pay gradually over your preferred period of months and collect your product when done. It's simple to use.

Did we hear you ask 'Why not collect the product first and then pay gradually'? Yeah, we tried, it didn't go so well with repayment. An we've already said we are an SME. This basically means we're too young for such loses.

On the product page, you select 'Installment Purchase'.


Agent Account - Where you earn.

This is basically an all access account. On this account;

  1. You are able to shop at a constant discount. This means even if you don't refer people to buy for themselves, you can buy for them and make profit.

  2. Earn when people you have referred make purchases. We are not giving away free money, we simply share our profit with you.

  3. Have access to purchase on installment like everyone else.

    ...and you still have these privileges when you visit the shop but this is a 'paid to acquire' account. It's a small one-time fee to filter out unserious registrants to the program.